Assignment F- Reflection

After doing five different parties based on a climate and adding different programming to each, all student had to present their works. My first Diagramming was about rotation, my second was linear position, my third was based on 360 degree views and also cantilever, my fourth was about shifting and shading and finally my last diagramming was based on circulation. The two most successful parties according the feedback from students and professor were my first and last parti. Moving forward I will combine the two selected partis and think of how the climate and the view will affect how will I position the modules.

Assignment C- Climate strategies


  • Hot weather/ high humidity
  • Cross ventilation is important
  • Shade from trees
  • Use material that can reflect heat
  • Use Material that takes longer to heat up
  • High ceiling
  • High level window to vent hot air
  • Double roof with vent space in between
  • Open concept floor plan for air circulation