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Project two Get to Vote Fanny Bravo

In this project we didn’t have a lot of time doing this project which make me work harder. Even there was many project from my other class to do .We have to create a poster to make people vote . My topic was pollution and made a poster showing the good of helping the planet and if not then we will live in a place that there no food or anything else. This took me a while since I didn’t know what do with the idea and I inked most of the drawing and later put it in Photoshop to color the background and the other side. It was fun even I didn’t have a lot of time to fix it more.

My process book


Final Art



My Blog

As you guys didn’t know I have a wordpress(blog) I started this blog last year. I write about long distance relationship and love. If you guys want to read it , than check it out


Current student’s work I like

Her blog doesn’t show much but she have a link of her art in  When I click on the link and saw her art. I started to really love her art. Since I love anime and manga , her art styles was like that but better and cute. You should check out it out one day.