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Final Evaluation

I always like the beauty that photography has to shows me.

Since I start this course, I have learned a lot. It was a little it difficult at the beginning and I had to read a lot of materials before I started to get the camera settings.

Every project that we did in class and  homework assignments were new ways to practices what I had read before.

It was really nice and fun. Create ideas and make them to become real on each image.

Now I can say I know much better how to work and set a camera: Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and so on.

I would love to learn a lilttle bit more about Adobe Photoshop edition and Adobe Bridge but it was a good start.

I finally got my own camera so, after all the things that I have learned from this class I will keep taking pictures and get better in this field. It has been something that I always like and with all the knowledge that I have now, I can keep practicing and take this as a new hobby in my life.

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Painting with Light.

I really like this shot. I created the flower shape. It’s sharp, fun, original.

The background is completed black so it make the light pop up a lot. It was taken with 8 seconds shutter speed.



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Green-Wood Cemetery.

Going to Green-Wood Cemetery was a really interesting experience. It is a big space fill of beauty and sadness at the same time.

Comparing with what I learned  at the Brooklyn Historical Society and being at the cemetery, was seeing the difference of the rules that many years ago they had and how they have changed through the years. Before they talked about horses as main transportation. Now they talk about cars and motocycles.

They preserve all the areas very well, so it is a place where you don’t feel the time that has passed since the build. It is hard to believe that the cemetery has been there for over 100 years.


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1. What are important factors to consider when shooting a portrait?

It is really important to have knowledge abou lighting, including how to work with reflectors as an important tool.

2. What is the difference between broad and short lighting?

The broad light will create more light toward the side of the face. Short light makes gestures be more remarkable.

3. In a classic basic portrait set up, what is the function of the main light?

The main light will be placed to help with shadows¬†directly¬†to the person that’s getting photograph. It can makes shadows stronger and sharp or lighter and diffused.

4. In a classic basic portrait set up, what is the function of  he fill light?

To add light to the shadow side of the face.

5. In a classic basic portrait set up, what is the function of the background light?

The background light can help with, either creates silhouettes or to help to create high spots of light getting away shadows.


This is my favorite picture that I took today.

I really like how the broad light is working in his face and the bright light that the background one is giving to his back silhouette. Its even on the sides and sharp. His features are well shown in this shoot.

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Brooklyn History Sociaty

Our second trip with the class. The Brooklyn Historical Society. First time for me in this place. Beautiful library. Classic. With this visit people can observe, in this particular case, how different was photography in the 1800¬īs and how is in the present.

The daguerreotype, a direct-positive process, was created with a long and tedious method. This, included polished a plate, mix chemicals, transfer to the cameras, mix some other chemicals, and  so on. All of this involved hours and hours of time. Today, taken and printing a photograph is simpler. People with a digital camera or even with a dSLR, they just need to snap the object, person or whatever they want to shoot, and you can see it right on the screen. If you like your picture, you keep it and just go to the store and they will print it for you. Depends of the paper and some specifications, you can have the pictures right away in your hands.


Daguerreotype was a classic object that people used to decorate their homes. And was more for portraits than objects or landscapes. Today, they look classic and amazing but, definitely is easier the process of photography now. We have options in cameras, colors, black and white, and hundreds of effects that we can use with our pictures to make them look amazing and originals.

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Favorite Photograph

This is my favorite picture. I really like the yellow color from the flowers. It makes them jump out from the background. The shadows and the blurred create a deep sensation of space.

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SunFlower Lighting Photo.

 I like a lot how the flower looks like here. The lighting gives it some drama, nostalgic feeling.

The texture its real neat on the petals and the center of it.

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This was my favorite picture from the shooting today in class.

I like how the light its reflected on the chair, making high and low shadows.

The focus in front its sharp, while the other parts are blurry.

The picture has a sidelit lightning.


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