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Final Evaluation

I loved the class. I learned a lot about cameras that I never knew before. I really just can’t wait to get my hands on a SLR again. I really enjoyed all the assignments. I really want to take¬†¬†Photo 2 but since its an elective and I plan on taking other electives, I may not get that chance unfortunately. I used to think that taking pictures were easy with SLR because of the¬†commercials and boy was I wrong. It is not easy. There’s so much more that I want to learn on using those cameras and I would of never got the chance had I not taken this class. Even though it is required, I do know for a fact that I would of taken it anyway just because I wanted to so you know what, I might do that for photo 2. On a side note my favorite shoot was painting with light and the the portrait¬†pictures in different styles.

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This is my favorite picture mainly because I directed this picture in its¬†entirety. It almost looks like a 3D comic image which actually wasn’t my intention so it was a nice surprise. I was dancing gangnam style just for the hell of it. ¬†I like how my shirt was green and then the overall color of me in other shots complemented the initial flash shot.

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The Greenwood Experience

I enjoyed my time at greenwood. I got a lot of shots and I even had to get a new memory card since I took so many pictures! I took many great shots and it was difficult to choose twenty or flickr but there are definitely two pictures I love that I want to print. To think a place that houses so much sadness and sorrow, it’s a really beautiful location and I’d love to go back there one day in the future.

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I need help with the HW

So the hw for our class this week was¬†portraits and we need to take pictures of 4 people. I thought i could of did this with a couple of friends todat(oct, 7) ¬†but they all became busy last second so¬†unfortunately¬†can’t do it at the moment.


So if its alright with a few of you please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


If you guys need to take pictures of someone I am more than happy to help out. Thank you again for reading this.

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This is most certainly one of my favorite shots that I took of her. I took a better one that had her smiling really nice which took forever to get her to do, but she deleted that one so now this is my favorite. I love it so much because its her best serious faced picture and I can most certainly see this being used in a magazine somewhere.



Important factors of taking a portrait picture is the amount of light on the subject and the angle of the light. Short light is when the light faces the subject and their face is light up and broad light is


when their face is away from the lighting. The function of fill light is to light up the side of the subject that the light doesn’t face directly, with that in mind, the light is supposed to bounce the main light onto the subject. Background lighting shows some sort of division between the subject and the background.

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Brooklyn Historical Society

**Note I don’t have a picture of my¬†¬†daguerreotype because my phone didn’t save it so I can’t compare my personal picture with a ¬†daguerreotype**


The Brooklyn Historical Society was a great place to be. I love places with books, no matter what they are, stores, rooms in buildings, I love places with books and not only did this place have books, but they had some great pictures and vintage or antique stuff.


One of the photo’s I looked at was a ¬†daguerreotype. It’s a photo that goes through a long process and the picture took a long time to make. It’s burned somehow into copper or some other form of metal. It needs to be viewed in a certain light. Now a big difference between pictures I’ve taken and a¬†¬†daguerreotype photo is, mine can be spontaneous, in motion, and its in color.¬†¬†Daguerreotype as mentioned go through a process. The subject or model has to stay perfectly still for a certain amount of time and can’t move because if they do, the photo will be messed up and will not come out were as with a digital camera from a phone, I can catch people in motion and the picture will still come out good.

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Botanic Garden

This picture was a total surprise for me. I had happen to come across a random spider in it web and even though I din’t have a really good camera, I didn’t think I’d catch the spider in the image. When I got home and was finally able to look at my pictures, I came across this and not only did the spider appear in the image, but so did the web! I love this picture because of what a treat it was and what a surprise it came out to be.


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This picture was actually an accident. If I remember correctly I took this picture when we were moving the light around. This is actually side light. I love how there is a ray of light in the shot and its just so pretty.

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The Power of Light


When I took this picture, I purposely wanted to get some light rays in it. This picture out of all the ones that I took is most certainly my favorite. It also was a surprise too. In the viewfinder, I only saw the green and yellow lights but when I viewed it on the camera, the orange light came into it and made it such a wonder.

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Jeff Liao-Habitat Big Pictures for a Big City Gallery



What type of photograph is it?

It’s a scenery shot taken from the sky to show the vastness of the Grand Concourse in the Bronx.


What can you tell/guess about the photographer’s intention?

I believe that the photographer’s intention was to show as the title of the gallery states, how big and vast the Concourse is. The Bronx really isn’t known for being “the city” but it is a major part of the city and it is such a “Grand” place.


What emphasis has the photographer created and how has it been done?

I believe the emphasis was not what the camera was pointing at, but what was in the distance. To really show how big an area is, you have you create a sense of depth and the best way to do that is to do at an overhead level which is what the photographer did.


Do technical matters help/hinder the image?

Since the image is done overhead, I believe that it helped the image because it got what the photographers intentions were and that was size.

Are graphic elements important (tone,line, perspective)?

The key in this picture was the perspective. Had the image not been taken where it was, the effect might not of been as effective.


What else does the image reveal other than what is immediately evident?

Since the Gran Concourse is such a busy area in the Bronx, this picture actually reveals a not so busy side of the Grand Concourse that not many people from the Bronx are used to.



What emotional impact does the photograph have?

I honestly can’t say because I don’t feel like there is an emotion portrayed.


How does this photograph relate to others in the same series by the same photographer?

The gallery is named “Big Pictures for a Big City” so naturally the picture needs to be of the city, and big and like all the other pictures in the gallery, it is of the city and it is “big”




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