Final Evaluation

At the beginning of Digital Photography class, I thought I wouldn’t be able to take good photographs or be able to handle a camera in the classroom studio. However, I proved myself wrong. I have learned so many things such as how to handle a camera with and without a tripod, set the camera settings, how to think about composition while taking my own photographs, how to work in a studio, and the most important thing-lighting. Although all of my images were taken by my iPhone, I learned that Adobe Bridge, Camera Raw (which I had never heard of)  enhances images to make it look better. My favorite/fun camera exercise we did in the classroom studio was painting with light and motion. That definitely gave me a sense of what the DSLR camera can really do. During my spare time, I will definitely get my hands on a DSLR to recreate that exercise with my close friends. Overall, this course had done its job successfully, thanks to Professor Michals.!


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