Final Evaluation

I always like the beauty that photography has to shows me.

Since I start this course, I have learned a lot. It was a little it difficult at the beginning and I had to read a lot of materials before I started to get the camera settings.

Every project that we did in class and  homework assignments were new ways to practices what I had read before.

It was really nice and fun. Create ideas and make them to become real on each image.

Now I can say I know much better how to work and set a camera: Aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance and so on.

I would love to learn a lilttle bit more about Adobe Photoshop edition and Adobe Bridge but it was a good start.

I finally got my own camera so, after all the things that I have learned from this class I will keep taking pictures and get better in this field. It has been something that I always like and with all the knowledge that I have now, I can keep practicing and take this as a new hobby in my life.

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