Portrait Shoot

1. Important factors to consider when shooting a portrait, are the subject and their comfort level, the lighting and the background.

2. In broad lighting the light is on the ear side of the face in a three-quarter view, in short lighting the light is on the person’s facial features.

3. The function of the main light is to illuminate the person usually at a 45 degree angle, and you will usually end up with a triangle of shadowed light on the opposite side of the nose.

4. The function of the fill light is to remove the shadows on the opposite side of the face, and thereby soften the portrait by illuminating the entire face.

5. The function of the background light is to illuminate the background which helps give space between the subject of the portrait and the background and also brightens the entire picture.

I like this photo that I took because it is one of the fun ones that were taken, although we were using the fill light you only see part of its effect because Ruben was raising his arms in a cheer.  Because of this you see some of the effects of the fill light, but not all of it, and some shadow is showing on his forehead, also he had taken off his sweatshirt and the red of his t-shirt complimented his skin tones better than the white of his sweatshirt.


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