Learning Log 4 – Brooklyn Historical Society


Brooklyn Historical Society

The trip to the Brooklyn Historical Society was very educational for many reasons. ¬†We got to see¬†daguerreotypes up close, primary sources in the history of Brooklyn. ¬†We also got to see the work of photographers living in Brooklyn as well as historical documents that actually helped us learn about the¬†cemetery¬†we are going to visit. ¬†The photographs illustrated how much time has changed from the 1800’s to now with our photographic technology. ¬†It seems that photos were emore often meant for the wealthy and rarely taken in the past, therefore a lot of time and care was put into making the photographs beautiful and decorative. ¬†As oppose to today where we can quickly snap a shot and it is immediately beautiful crisp and in color, ready for us to view.

What most fascinated me was that we got to investigate documents by thinking critically and compiling evidence. ¬†For example with my groups map of the¬†cemetery¬†we were able to figure out ¬†that the cemetery had greatly expanded from what it once was and at one point was farm land and was going to be sold for housing lots. ¬†I would have loved to learn more than that about it’s history which is why I think I will one day go back and look at more documents.

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