Learning log 4.

The trip to the Historical Brooklyn Library, was interesting. The library was a lot different than other libraries I have attended. It’s a lot more strict than other libraries, and it has a lot of interesting old and antique books and maps. etc.

We looked at a very interesting daquerreotype, which was very old from 1975.
It was a image of a young girl who looked very serious, and is not smiling.
The other side of the frame has a flower print on it, its on a martial and its very nice and interesting.

I had a good experience at the Library, it was definitely worth going to.

The experience of looking and taking photographs have changed a little, when i take photos its usually just to take a picture of something see if it looks good and if it doesn’t than retake the picture. But I have learned that I can take a picture that’s close up of an object with a blurry background or other interesting pictures with other use of day light or lamp light.

I hope to learn new things about photography along this semester, which Im sure are gonna be great and exciting and new to me. Looking forward to it.


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