Music Review Documents

Hi Class,

In addition to the information below, here is a sample works cited page for Essay 3.

Works Cited-Music Review

Hi Class,

I’ve posted several documents to help us get going on Essay 3: The Music Review:

1. Assignment Details are in the ASSIGNMENTS menu tab

2. Music Review Samples: The Santogold and Yeah Yeah Yeahs reviews are in the READINGS menu tab

Music Terms. The following words may help you analyze music. Remember, be specific.

A Capella


Auto tune
















——–email any questions that you might have.

***More thoughts. Students often ask me: where can I go to learn more about music history? The answer: books. The reason I like books is because they contain deep history and often provide footnotes–so that you can find other sources. Here are a few of my favorite books on popular and hip hop music:

Jeff Chang and DJ Herc: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Jeff Chang: Total Chaos

Tricia Rose: Hip Hop Wars

Alan Light: Vibe History of Hip Hop

Nelson George: Hip Hop America

Mark Anthony Neal: That’s the Joint: Hip Hop Studies Reader

Gwendolyn Pough: Home Girls Make Some Noise

Eric Michael Dyson: Know What I Mean?



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Homework for Thursday, Sept. 22

Hi Class,

Please review the assignment details for Essay 2. Bring in a 3-page draft of the essay to class on Thursday for peer-review. Also, bring in any questions.

I imagine that many of you will want to advice on how to properly weave a quote into your essay. You can always look at Scibona’s essay to see how he did it. Also, you can visit the Purdue or UNC writing sites on our website for help. Notice in the example below how I introduce the author, the source from which I got the quote, and the idea I want to emphasize…and note where the page number goes:

I agree with the critic Manfred B. Steger, who states in his book Globalization: A Very Short Introduction, that the term globalization is usefully described as a “set of social processes that appear to transform our present social condition of weakening nationality into one of globality” (9).


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Happy Friday the 16th

I’ve updated the assignment sheet for Essay 2. First full draft due on Thursday, Sept. 22. Final draft due Tuesday, Sept. 27.

Peace and Essay Writing Grease!

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Helen Keller Reading Now Available

Hi Students,

Please find the Helen Keller essay titled “The Most Important Day” under the READINGS menu bar. Print it out, read it, make margin notes, then you can email me about your educational influences. Make sure to bring the essay to class on Thursday, September 15.

Oh, and remember to attend the Poetry on the Plaza event starting at 6:30 on the Cadman Plaza.

One more thing…I might try to sign up all students for Openlab on my own. So, don’t be surprised if you receive an email from me (a City Tech email, that is).

Okay, one last little thing. Even if you are not signed up for the Openlab, you can still use the “comment” link at the end of this, or any, post.


Best regards always,


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Welcome to English 1101, Section 5359.

If you are reading this, then you know that the general aim of this course is to practice reading, writing, and critical thinking. We will practice this skills as we learn more about education, music, food, and the arts in New York City.

Our class is closely linked to two other course: Perspectives in Hospitality Management, taught by Professor Karen Goodlad, and Introduction to Food & Beverage Management, taught be Professor John Akana.

These three course comprise a Learning Community. A Learning Community is a first-year college experience in which the same set of students take classes together. The mission of our City Tech Learning Community is to create a shared first-year experience that emphasizes sharing, technology, and place-based learning. Each of these characteristics will become clearer as the semester progresses, but one thing that we really hope that you will take from this semester is the idea that courses that may seem very different actually share many important aspects, such as the need for critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

Our long term vision for this Learning Community is to leave you, the students, with a memorable learning experience that helps you to succeed in your profession–no matter what that may be.

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