Faha Ghauri is a meticulous, hardworking and goal oriented individual who aims to succeed in everything that she wants to achieve in life. She believes that if you truly want something to be yours, you have to give it your all. Her passion and pursuit to succeed reflected in her grades throughout her college years because she was an honor roll student and made the deans list for maintaining a 3.5 gpa. She also obtained Scholarships such as the Out in Two Scholarship at the Borough of Manhattan Community College as well as the Excelsior Scholarship from the New York City College of Technology in October 2020 that covered her entire tuition. With her hard work, experience and never give up attitude, Ghauri is confident that she will be a valuable asset anywhere she goes. Ghauri has taken many courses throughout her academic years that have enhanced her skills and learning experience abundantly. This began when Ghauri began drawing all types of sketches, paint techniques, graphic design and illustration, and digital design. Ghauri was able to utilize software’s such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, CAD, Typography, and 3D art using MakerBot. Whilst she was studying at the Borough of Manhattan Community College, Ghauri created a large-scaled hot pink diamond ding 3D design using the MakerBot. Astonishingly, Ghauri’s artwork was one of the few pieces that were featured at the Universities art exhibition called the Shirley Fiterman Art Gallery. One of the Art Professors had admired her piece so much that she requested to buy it from her for $100 dollars! As a student, this meant a lot to her that a reputable Art Professor admired her work so much that she purchased it although it was not for sale. After this experience and upon graduating with her associate’s degree in Studio art, Ghauri was on the verge of becoming an even more well- rounded artistic individual. Ghauri then decided to pursue a degree in The Business and Technology of Fashion. This new chapter in her academic life brought her many new and exciting experiences that she can further cherish. Ghauri was delighted to learn new skills such as Block printing, Screen Printing, Silk Painting, Merchandising, Product Development, Marketing, Entrepreneurial Skills, Trend Forecasting, and Fabric Sourcing from some of the best Professors at the New York City College of Technology.