Training Day 5

Today I learned the project critique key points, and how to email the print to Lubosh with our design files, and make sure the number of copies, color or black & white, what kind of the paper it is. They help me a lot when we start working in the office. In addition, I feel it is great to work with others together for the FSA project in one team, and communication is very important by making decisions together today. I don’t think there are any difficulties when I work with others.




Training day 5, June 12

Today we learned how to send the final project to our clients by email. We learned that it is important to be clear and precise in what we tell them.

Right now we are learning to work as a group, I think that with time we will be more comfortable talking to each others. For the last project, we realized the importance of communication and decision making. We have to improve how we manage our time and how we distribute the work.

Training day 5

Today we learned how to prepare the files to send them to print and also some of the specifications, such as how many copies we want, whether it will be color or black and white, etc. We will make sure the final design is correct, and if we have any questions to ask one of our Asian colleagues to avoid mistakes.

I feel good about working in a group. Communication is an essential part of the project to flow smoothly and be successful. So far, I have had no problems working in a group, but I will try to do my best to make work easier for everyone.

Training Day 5

Today I have learned about how to email Lubosh and the printing specifications, so when we come back to the office it would be easier to start working. I appreciate the teamwork we have done so far, and can’t wait to see what my teammates will come up for their tasks. The only I find difficult when working with others is getting to know everyone. For instance, everyone have their own aesthetics, preferred websites, and work process. It may take a little time to get to know my teammates but I know it will be worth it, and it would go smoother. Overall it was a great experience, i enjoyed the training, and looking forward to work with everyone on our first group project for the FSA.

Training Day 4

Today, I learned to always prepare the project online meeting, including the questions asked to the clients such as When are the deadlines? What is the main goal of the project? and etc. In addition, we can ask the clients for the content if they have one, it will be very helpful for the project. Also, the design should be done earlier before the deadline because we need to make sure the design has time to prepare for the print, it might take one week to print. 

The feedback I want to give back is the trainers did a great job for the critique even though it’s the online meeting. But I think we got pretty feedback from all in the team.

Yes, there is a big difference compared to the first day of training. I learned a lot, and how to think differently with different ideas in order to come up with a more professional design.


Training day 3, June 11

What did you learn today?

Today I learned hot to write an email properly for the client. I think it is very important for us to practice that.

Any suggestions or feedback you want to give to the trainer? 

I think you guys are very helpful, your critique helped me a lot!

Do you think any difference to you, between first of training and today?

The difference I noted between the first day of training and today is that I am more confident about what I do.

Training day 4

Today we learned the importance of the contract when doing a job. We also review some of the questions that we must ask the clients, so we have a better idea of what we are going to do to guarantee the success of the project.

The trainers are doing a good job. I imagine doing online training is a little bit harder, but they are doing the best they can.

Yes, the comments I received are constructive, and that makes my mind to open more and more and think differently.

Training Day 4

Today I have learned about new website I could use to find good color combinations for different projects. It is user friendly, there are many options, and in one click the hex code can be copied, so it fast too. A suggestion I’d like to make is maybe to add a chapter in the Trainee Guidance Book with those websites for tools.  The difference between my first day training to today is that I feel more confidence in the group. I think that feedback is always good to get and give, and I enjoy the learning experience so far.

Training day 3

Today I learned how to write an email professionally. And how we should respectfully approach our clients. So far, the training has been excellent. Our colleagues make everything easier to understand. Something I want to develop more is to be able to get ideas without getting stuck with a single thought. But thanks to the comments I received and the opinions of my other colleagues, I feel better every time.

Training Day 3

Today, I learned how to work and communicate with clients, and our relationship between our clients. In addition, we need to prepare everything before the meeting with our clients, make sure their title and all of their information are correct before we send them the email. The most difficult during the training is the limit of time for each project, but it’s a pretty good experience for the future, and it is going to help me to solve the problem in some urgent design cases.