Training Day 5

Today I learned the project critique key points, and how to email the print to Lubosh with our design files, and make sure the number of copies, color or black & white, what kind of the paper it is. They help me a lot when we start working in the office. In addition, I feel it is great to work with others together for the FSA project in one team, and communication is very important by making decisions together today. I don’t think there are any difficulties when I work with others.




Training Day 4

Today, I learned to always prepare the project online meeting, including the questions asked to the clients such as When are the deadlines? What is the main goal of the project? and etc. In addition, we can ask the clients for the content if they have one, it will be very helpful for the project. Also, the design should be done earlier before the deadline because we need to make sure the design has time to prepare for the print, it might take one week to print. 

The feedback I want to give back is the trainers did a great job for the critique even though it’s the online meeting. But I think we got pretty feedback from all in the team.

Yes, there is a big difference compared to the first day of training. I learned a lot, and how to think differently with different ideas in order to come up with a more professional design.


Training Day 3

Today, I learned how to work and communicate with clients, and our relationship between our clients. In addition, we need to prepare everything before the meeting with our clients, make sure their title and all of their information are correct before we send them the email. The most difficult during the training is the limit of time for each project, but it’s a pretty good experience for the future, and it is going to help me to solve the problem in some urgent design cases.






Training day 2

Today, what I learned from the training is tried to pay attention to the detail of the design even though a little thing can make a big difference. In addition, I got to know my training partner with their great design posters, and I think everyone did a good job today. Yes, this training helped me a lot and provide me a great experience on how to work in a limited time for our design.


Training Day 1

Today was our first day of training, it was a very great experience. I was working at the City Tech Writing Vol 16 Poster and I got pretty good feedbacks from my team, which it helps me a lot to improve my poster design, how to compare different ideas together. In addition, I wanted to learn is how to work with different clients in the future.