Mid-semester Reflection Spring’18

or a project with FC? How did you accomplish the project?
This semester there have been multiple projects I had come across as “challenging” here are a few. In my Social Behavioral Science class, we were introduced to statistical analysis and how to determine the mean, variation, and standard deviation on excel after analyzing specific inflation in a three-month treasury bill. The beginning steps of this assignment were not as tedious as the remaining task, my class only meets once a week, so I had to improvise and use YouTube to understand the task better. Secondly, my SBS Professor does not give in class exams or quizzes but instead has the class read an assignment and present the topic to the class. During our presentations we are to act as an advocate, teacher, or representative of that subject without including our biased opinion. The challenging part was remaining objective instead of being subjective. In my independent study class, which meets for 45 min per week, I am working on a proposal or grant that I would like to receive funding for if successful. I came across many roadblocks with what I wanted to convey to my audience exactly regarding my mission statement. I realized I was being too intimidated by the overall project that I wasn’t really focusing on what I wanted to discuss and implement in my proposal grant, after taking a step back and meeting with my mentors in my program, I was able to focus my ideas more concisely.
• What project(s) did you enjoy working on thus far during this semester?
This semester I enjoyed working on my proposal grant for my independent study class, and usability testing for project wayfinding with Faculty Commons. I enjoyed these projects the most because I’m the one who is writing the dialogue for most of the projects with the help of my professors. My proposal grant allows me to write and ask for something that I believe is a topic that is close to my heart and will make a difference in a college setting. It implements the idea of providing mental health awareness for women in an urban college setting. I enjoyed working on usability testing for project wayfinding because this is an area that interest me, specifically how respondents and participant view a product or resource. This helps the formative evaluation process to continue because there will always be a flaw that need to be improved or even changed.
How have the projects you have worked on in FC aligned with your professional career goals?
The projects that I have worked on with Faculty Commons has allowed me to learn the necessary skills in the workplace that implements usability testing, content writing and the development of interpersonal skills in various professional settings. I’ve learned that deadlines will be shortened or adjusted to unforeseen events, so with, one should always be prepared in case the scenario is either or.