End of the Semester Reflections- Fall 2019

Have you accomplished your Mid-Semester goals? How have you accomplished those goals?

I believe I have accomplished my mid-semester goals. My main goal for this semester is to complete my internship course. Because I took a lot of time to find a suitable internship job last spring and summer. So I was very worried about this course. Finally, I got an internship position in the FC which enable me to finish it. However, there is still one week left so I hope I can get a good grade for this course. During the internship, I was exposed to many interesting projects. I enjoyed doing all of them and I also like most of the work I have accomplished this semester.

Are you happy with your results with the work you completed this semester? What was your favorite project you got a chance to work on this semester?

I am satisfied with most of the work I have completed this semester. I enjoy all of the projects I did, the most impressive one I think is the WAC poster project. Because it was my first project during the internship. So I was a little nervous and worried about the outcome. However, I found out I was a little overreacted. Since it was my first project everyone was trying to help me out. My colleagues and director gave me a lot of suggestions and constructive feedback. Because of that, I can finish the posters very smoothly. I used to like to find illustrations made by others on the Internet and put them in my course works. But through this project, I began to learn to create my own illustrations. For me, that is a big improvement.

How are you going to prepare for next semester during the Holiday Break

Next semester supposes to be my last semester so I will figure out my senior project topic during my holiday break. Once I know my topic I will start to do some research first. Additionally, I want to finish my own website which I have been pushed back several times. But this time I will try to complete it before next semester begins. Then I can have more time to focus on my spring courses and my internship projects. I will keep practicing the software and learn more skills to improve my design as well.


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