Internship training day 1

1)What did you learn?

I learned the basics of the design team trainee manual. We practiced file naming, replicating designs and establishing client relationships.

2)How is it going to help you?

It is going to help me as I proceed with this training and with my own work doing commissions.

3)What do you want to learn?

I want to learn how contracts and payments work with clients.

4)How was it working in a group?

It was nice to work in a group. Though we did not do much group work I was able to help out my colleague with a missing file so she could complete her assignment.

5)Did you get to know your partner?

I spoke to my partner briefly.

1 thought on “Internship training day 1

  1. Hello Savonne,
    We are glad to help you improve your work. Thank you for always taking our suggestion in a professional way. I can explain to you more about contract and payment tomorrow.

    Thank you

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