Day 4

What did you learn today?

I learned today about  how to print book marks with crop marks and save paper. We would have to send a email to reprocenter and how write on email properly and using the right naming conventions.

What challenge you faced today and how do you plan to overcome them?

I want to improve on the having a opinion and not being afraid to share it. Actually I spoke a lot in the group today and it kinda assigned roles for everyone so that we are clear because everyone was shy of telling people but I sort of went for and everybody agreed on that. I hope I wasn’t forcing anyone but maybe next I can have better ways to tell people what needs to be done.

In what way you were able to help each other?

As I said roles were assigned and I will be design the three layout design and how is designing get started page Cerena is designing the layout without the account. Jeremey is doing logos and promotional items. Tarmain is working the protoype and promotional items. We are pretty much helping each other with everything but there are roles which people are assigned.   

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