Day 4

What did you learn today?

Today I learned about the process of making crop marks on a page. I learned how to use Illustrator’s crop mark feature and then paste it into Indesign. This process will be useful for when we print bookmarks or event cards. I also learned more about my group members and how they generate ideas. Knowing more about the group is great because you can then pick out what roles are best suited for the team.

What challenges did you face today and how do you plan or hope to overcome them?

One of my challenges was being able to see what I should fix in my work. Often I’m so engrossed in my work that I tend to look over its flaws. This problem will eventually resolve itself with time and experience (I hope). Also, having a fresh pair of eyes nearby really helped me figure out what I needed to fix.

In what way were you able to help each other?

We were able to help each other by figuring out what we wanted to implement into our group project. We were able to give ideas and plan out how we wanted the design and the logo to look like.

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