Day 2

What did you learn today?

Today I learned about email etiquette and how to meet with the client. I learned about the importance of keeping a deadline and schedule for the client. Being able to keep track of when certain parts of a project is due is essential to the projects execution. Lastly, I learned about how Faculty Commons works with clients. Since every job has a different way of dealing with such matters I think it was really important to learn about how they write their contracts and set up meetings. Even though it is a very specific way of working I think that this would be able to function regardless of where you work.

What challenges did you face today and how do you plan or hope to overcome them?

One of the challenges I faced was quickly executing my ideas. I think that with the help of this internship I will be able to execute executions as fast as I think of ideas. Essentially I just need to work faster while maintaining the high standards of a project.

In what way were you able to help each other?

We were able to help each other by asking questions about each others work and being able to share our work. This helped when we needed something answered and it helped give a fresh perspective on our work. Critiques were helpful when we were able to receive feedback on what the critique was. And since there was more people it allowed more people to have an opinion.

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