Winter 2018 Reflections

What is one technique or skill you learned today that you can apply to the thought process or execution of your design work?

Being that I mostly use illustrator and InDesign I found myself learning a ton of new techniques that could be helpful for when taking on photo editing and retouching projects. The technique I was really impressed by was learning how to use the patch tool.

What source(s) are you receiving inspiration from for your design work? (Websites, People, Blogs, Podcasts, etc.)

Most of the inspiration I get comes from pinterest, following artists, creative groups, and agencies on Instagram (@bosslogic, @dirtyrobot, @gfx.mob to name a few), and a specialized music playlist I listen to when designing.

What is one thing you want to do to challenge your capabilities in design or communication this semester?

I’d like to become more familiar with animation and motion graphics beyond Photoshop. I believe it has potential for multiple applications and can serve as a useful creative outlet.

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