01.16.18 Reflections

Thanks to Prof. Eli, we learned how to design and implement patterns in both Illustrator and Photoshop. Patterns aren’t designs that are to be simply made, but need a thought process behind it so it works. I’ve been wanting to work with designing patterns and today’s workshop will help me finally get started!

I try to follow a lot of design/art pages on Facebook, log onto Pinterest, go through Behance, and scroll through Instagram for inspiration. Also art books! Whenever I’m in a slump, flipping through my art books help to reinvigorate my creativity.

One thing I’d like to do to challenge my capability in design this semester is to be bolder and take risks. Simple designs are effective, but they’re also safe. I want to push farther and see where I can take my designs.

1 thought on “01.16.18 Reflections

  1. I am glad that this workshop served as a launchpad for your interest in designing patterns. I find your chick pattern absolutely adorable and hope to see more pattern designs from you in the future.

    What books do you find most helpful and would recommend?

    I really like the challenge you chose for yourself. I think it’s important that we push ourselves to step out of our comfort zones.

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