Training: 6th and final day

Thursday, June 11, 2015

What did I Learn?

Today was my last day of training. The group and I got a lot of work done. In the beginning of the day we were, yet again, brainstorming about the app project we’re working on. As we were all assigned a role in the making of the app, and after collaborating ideas, we all started individually working on designing the application. I was in charge of gather the students’ content information and setting the typeface and creating good visual hierarchy within the “pages”.

What were my challenges?

Yesterday’s challenge was coming up with a name for the app. Today’s challenge was creating a logo for the app. We all sat for about two hours brainstorming and sketching ideas for the logo. Raciel is ultimately the one in charge of creating the final logo design for the app.

How did we help each other?

Like I mentioned before, we all collaborated ideas during the first two hours of the day. The way the app is being designed is by giving each person a specific part of the app to design. Mandy is in charge of the layout and where things go on a page of the app. Raciel is in charge of the logo design. Willian is creating the icons that will symbolize certain ‘to go to’ pages on the app, and finally, I am in charge of creating the students’ profile pages. Despite the fact we are all assigned different part of the app design, we all exchanged or ideas do that there is unification and visual harmony in the final presentation of the app.

1 thought on “Training: 6th and final day

  1. Loubna,
    You underscored the importance of brainstorming, knowing your role in the group project, and having the skills to produce that segment. Group projects that are success usually have a defined structure and deliverables. From your description, the project seems to have all the elements in place. I look forward to listening to the presentations and contributing to their critiques. Thank you for your reflection. It makes me anticipate a productive day tomorrow.

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