Training: Day 5

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015

What did I learn?

Today, I presented my element project. Based on critique and feedback from both my trainers and William, I was satisfied with my presentation and final project. From the suggestions they gave me, I knew I had to do minor adjustments to both my presenation slide, and my final emelemnt peice. Overall, I think my project was well presented.

What were my challenges?

In today’s training, we al started brainstorming ideas for an Application we will be doing for the First Year Program. The App will be a way for first year students to collaborate with their mentors in a contemporary and formal manner. I think the most challenging part of our discussion was naming the app. We all had various ideas, and through inspiration and brainstorming, we finally came up with the name Find My Mentor. (Although, I loved Mandy’s initial idea of naming it Reach, which she later found would not work).

How did you help each other?

William and I collaborated with the trainers today most of the time to work on the App idea. We exchanged ideas and worked together to create categories, layouts and fun ideas for our Application. We were each assigned a role, including Mandy and Raciel, so that the design process can be less time consuming. My role was to gather profile content for atleast 5 Mentors (or upper level students) and at least 5 First Year students.

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