Where does your color inspirations come from?

My Color inspirations comes from the idea of color theory. I believe that color theory sets a standard that is most practical when it comes to design. When thinking of a palette to use on a project I instinctively apply the use of color theory.

Who is the visual artist that you identify yourself with? Why?

There are two artist that I like to identify myself with and they are Banksy and Paul Rand. The reason I identify myself with Banksy is because I learned from his work the meaning of art being conceptual. Art was a last minute choice I made when graduating from middle school. I was pressured into thinking that I would have to make a definite career choice for the rest of my life, so I choose art. Not knowing much about it entering high school, I viewed art simply as drawing or painting portraits or landscapes. After being exposed to Banksy’s art I realized the importance of art having meaning. Now it is always in the back of my head, how important it is to give meaning to your work. The reason I identify myself with Paul Rand is because much like him, I like to be experimental with my work and try new ideas. Due to him stepping out of the norm and trying out new things, he was considered ahead of his time. I always like to look at my work as a new project¬†entirely different from the last. I believe the more experimentation you do with design the more you learn.

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