Training: Day 4

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

What did I learn?

I got a lot done in training day. Today, I actually earned a few things about Adobe Illustrator and InDesign that I never new before. Today I officially completed my business card and made it ready to print. In addition, I completed a few banner updating and adjustments for Blackboard, Openlab, and iTec.

What were my challenges?

Today, I didn’t face a lot of challenges, rather than asking questions. When I was updating the banners for Fall 2015, I noticed that the dates on the banners didn’t match with the dates for the fall academic calendar. I had to double check and match them so that the information is correct and I’m not misleading anybody.

How did you help each other? 

I received a lot of feedback from Mandy and Raciel today. And I’m also glad to say that I received a review from Professor. Jordan. With her critique and thoughts on my Openlab Header designs, I was able to narrow my work down even more and create new idea. I’m very inspired by the team here at Faculty Commons.

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