Training: Day 3

Monday, June 8th, 2015

What did I learn?

My third day of training at Faculty Commons, yet again, went very well. Today, I completed (or became close to completing) my Openlab header design. I had already designed multiple headers and was adding more, which I learned, made life more difficult. In addition to the header, I completed my element design. Initially, I was reproducing the Silver Linings Playbook movie poster because my element is Silver (Ag), but I figured that it will take a lot of time to make the poster work and look presentable, like the way I had it in my mind. I took my ideas a step back and decided that I was going to make my own silverware company and design a business card. My company name is called AG Silverware and it evidently sells silverware. I use simple yet strong techniques to design a powerful looking business card. During this process I learned that instead of making many designs at once, I need to focus more on creating one at a time, and stepping away to critique my work.

What were my challenges?

I have to say, today was a bit more challenging than other days, but definitely more exciting. Again, I was designing 2 to 3 templates at once, which made my design process more difficult. But I can say that there’s no better feeling than configuring design problems and solving them. With the help and feedback of my trainers, I was able to select one design that worked.

How did you help each other? 

I collaborated once again with William, and I was able to give him some advise on how to transfer an illustrator file to an indesign file. He was also able to help with organizing my Openlab blog which I learned today, I have been doing them incorrectly. I also recieved feedback from Mady and Raciel on choosing design templates that work for each project. They are always telling me which design works and doesn’t work.

I always tell my friends and family that when i’m designing and I run into problems or challenges, I’m always at my best stage when I’m trying to solve these issues, and I can happily say that I’m experiencing that here, at Faculty Commons.  

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One thought on “Training: Day 3

  1. Loubna,
    Thank you for sharing some of the aspects of today’s training.
    I was very impressed that you stepped back from your element design project and ultimately simplified it to fit the time frame.

    Using critque and ‘stepping back’ … both good ways of refocusing on the problem at hand. I appreciate how you are interacting with to the trainers and your fellow trainee. See you tomorrow.

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