Recap of 12/5

Thanks to everyone who made it to our 1st meeting last Thursday!! It was awesome meeting you guys. :)

In case you missed it: We talked about our favorite games / personal goals, came up with a list of project ideas, then kicked off with an intro to game design & the Unity engine. Now that we’ve got an idea of everyone’s skill levels + what you guys want out of this, we’ll be doing beginner tutorials like:

  • Player movement: how to walk and jump
  • Level design: map layout, obstacles, goals
  • Characters: 2D and 3D
  • Enemies
  • Powerups!
  • User interface (UI)
  • Audio: sound effects, background music
  • Maybe¬†animation?

If you haven’t already, please fill out the signup form so we can contact you next semester.¬†See you this Thursday!

Author: Ekemini Nkanta

Immersive artist, VR dev, web designer, and writer/poet from NYC. Collab with me? :)

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