Challenge #2: Making music with code!

So there’s this cool web app called EarSketch that teaches you how to code in Python (or JavaScript) by making music! It goes over all the programming basics like data types, variables, functions, etc. and you get a whole library of electronic/hip-hop sounds to choose from. There’s nothing to download or install this time— it runs on Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Featured songs students made w/ EarSketch:

Ciara set

Mid day Parade

BGC Week 3


Hour of Code – Quick intro to EarSketch + programming. It has all the basic definitions, so it’s technically for beginners, but might feel rushed if you’ve never seen code before?

~ or ~

Curriculum – Goes way slower/in-depth and is so much more beginner-friendly. You won’t finish this in one day, though. Pretty much everything you’ll ever need is in Unit 1.

Author: Ekemini Nkanta

Immersive artist, VR dev, web designer, and writer/poet from NYC. Collab with me? :)

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