Phillipsburg mark 2 series [Inserter] | Seals envelopes and places paper inside them as well which helps to save time instead of inserting a paper one by one with sealing them with a wet sponge. 

Talk about at least one thing that you found surprising, confusing or exciting about the place we visited today… or.. What are some further questions that you have about what you saw today?  

What I found interesting/surprising about the visit to the print shop was the fact they had so many machines and large ones that basically did one job. Honestly, I thought there would be at least one machine that had the capability of doing combined jobs that all the single machines could do. With technology advancing, I was shocked to find one machine had 1-2 jobs to do and there were more than 10 machines I saw down there which really had me at a loss for words space wise. Who would have thought so many machines could fit in that space while doing so many things from copying, printing, scanning, inserting etc.


What are some different jobs you learned about today? Are there some that you never knew about before this visit? Are there any that interested you for your own career path?

There were so many machines that each had different jobs to do when it came to the printing process etc. They were also quite large as well as extremely expensive which made this print shop quite exclusive being not many shops had the machines they owned. Also, it was interesting to know some of the favorite machines of the workers especially one said his favorite was the inserter machines. If he had to place a paper into an envelope and seal it would be a pain with a number of paper cuts he’d walk out with. When it comes down to my career path I don’t think this personally has a place for me unless I wish to print one of my works for a customer or for myself. Though I do respect those who do work in the shop I’m sure they have enjoyment for what their job in the company is.


How has today’s visit changed your perspective on how to go about your design work? For example, if you are a graphic designer for print, what did today’s visit mean for you in terms of how you might change the way you go about designing images for print?

This trip to the print shop didn’t necessarily change my perspective on my design work but rather opened my eyes to the possibility of having my work printed on a bigger platform. Though I’m am still unsure if I want to have my work as a widespread thing to where people buy my work and wish to have it on a poster board etc. Though I will be very careful if I do wish for my work to be printed for flyers, magazines, posters, and invitations to make sure I have no errors. I learned that making one simple grammatical error or misspelling can be a hassle to fix as well as making sure the dimensions are correct as well. If not there will be a great waste of the workers time spent on getting everything situated to print out said works.