My Third Project

The recent illustration I created was intended for the company’s official Instagram account. I aimed to convey a strong message through a simple yet impactful image about the Disobediance Day. The project had specific guidelines in place, including the use of a color palette limited to orange, green, white, black, and blue. Interestingly, I had significant creative freedom in terms of how I incorporated these colors. Additionally, I was instructed not to include any images in the illustration.

While working on this project, I encountered a major obstacle in grasping the significance of this particular day. I was completely unaware of the existence of this day and its purpose, prompting me to conduct thorough research to gain a better understanding. After spending hours delving into various articles and sources, I finally comprehended the essence of the day and was able to start sketching out ideas for the illustration.

I thought that using a silhouette would be the most inclusive option, as it can represent people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds. I started by creating a black silhouette holding a banner with the powerful message “Peaceful Resistance” to symbolize the essence of the day. Then, I designed a background with swirling green and orange hues to create a dynamic sky-like effect around the silhouette. Lastly, I added a cityscape in the background to underscore the various social issues that plague cities all over the world.

Created by Erick Fiallos

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