ePortfolio Computer Lab Room G606

The ePortfolio computer lab located in G-606 is exclusively for students participating in the ePortfolio project, however ePortfolio students may continue to use the lab throughout their academic career at City Tech regardless of whether or not they are taking an ePortfolio course. Students may also use the lab for any computer work; not just ePortfolio. The lab is fully equipped with both hardware and software that support the project, and peer tutors are available at all times to assist students with their ePortfolios. ePortfolio workshops, both reserved for participating classes and open (walk-in), are held in the G606 ePortfolio computer lab.

The ePortfolio lab includes the following:

  • 22 high-end student computer workstations
  • Contemporary software in the lab includes: Microsoft Office 2007 (Word, Excel, Access and PowerPoint), Adobe Photoshop 7.0 and Adobe Illustrator 10.0, Macromedia Studio MX (Dreamweaver, Flash, Freehand, and Fireworks), WinZip and FTP software. Click here for the complete list of all programs/software available
  • A presentation podium with computer, audio and VCR capabilities
  • A ceiling-mounted projector and screen for the multimedia projection of presentations
  • Peer tutors are available during lab hours to work one-on-one with students
  • Peer tutors will answer student questions via email during ePortfolio lab hours
  • Hands-on workshops and open lab hours are scheduled in the ePortfolio lab throughout the semester and during summer and intersession breaks
  • A network laser printer
  • A digital camera
  • A high-resolution scanner
  • Video recording equipment (MAC computer and digital video camera for recording and editing videos)

All computers in the ePortfolio lab have the following storage devices:

  • CD R/W Drives
  • Floppy Drives
  • USB extension ports

MAC Lab N1101
For students using MAC technology, the ePortfolio project supported the establishment of a multimedia 24 station MAC computer lab for student and faculty use. Hardware and software accommodate students creating their ePortfolios in the MAC format. The MAC lab is not an open ePortfolio lab; lab and classroom use is scheduled through the Advertising Design and Graphics Arts department. The MAC lab is located in N1101.


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