ePortfolio Lab
Monday – Friday
10:00am – 7:00pm

11:00am – 2:00pm

Lab Location
Lab Location: G606

What is an ePortfolio?
An ePortfolio is a specific type of website created and developed by the student that will showcase examples of their academic work and student experiences.

Are the ePortfolios hard for the students to create?
The process at City Tech is not complicated so that even students with very little computer training will be able to create an ePortfolio. All ePortfolios use the OpenLab WordPress themes, including a special one for ePortfolio, Click on Getting Started above to find out more.

Who may I contact for more information about the City Tech Career ePortfolio Project?
iTEC Director: Karen Lundstrem klundstrem@citytech.cuny.edu
Media Specialist: Ignacio Soltero isoltero@citytech.cuny.edu
ePortfolio Lab Manager: Wilson Garcia wgarcia@citytech.cuny.edu

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