What is ePortfolio?

When the student compiles their information for the Career ePortfolio they examine the profession they have chosen and explore early their career options. They look at the various skills they have and also make a plan to obtain the skills that they will need to make themselves marketable when they graduate. The ePortfolio will connect their academic work with the workplace. Students see how their academic training will help them when they graduate.

A career ePortfolio goes beyond the traditional paper resume by allowing the student to show evidence of their talents to show employers what they can do. For example, Art & Advertising design graduates can share their professional portfolios by including on their website their artwork, photographs, and projects as well as video and audio work. Graduates from the Law and Paralegal Studies program can direct interested employers to their website to view examples of legal documents that they have drafted. Computer Information System graduates can show examples of their projects such as distributed database assignments and demonstrate their knowledge and expertise in particular software. Regardless of the major, the student is also able to demonstrate broad skills such as writing, critical thinking, reflection, and technology literacy.

Presenting an ePortfolio to an Employer

Employers often see numerous resumes when filling a position but an employer that views an ePortfolio may be influenced to interview the individual.

The student will include their ePortfolio URL (internet address) on their resume which will allow employers to view the ePortfolio. Employers may also be told about the ePortfolio in a cover letter or during a telephone interview. Another option is to give the employer a digital copy of the ePortfolio on a CD or DVD or USB. By far the most common way is to include the URL address on the resume.

Presenting an ePortfolio for Graduate School Admissions

Academic examples included on an ePortfolio can showcase a student’s experience and skills when they are applying to graduate school. The ePortfolio may be shared with the admissions office or other program officials by sharing the ePortfolio URL or by sending a copy of the ePortfolio on a USB, CD or DVD.

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