The research process: needs assessment, preliminary strategies, topic development


The research process can get very frustrating at times especially since there are various information out there. It is not only overwhelming but daunting. For example, as of now I have a good idea of what my research topic is but at the same time, I need to narrow down my topic to one aspect. This is what Badke says in Chapter 2. “A big reason why research can fail is that the researcher is trying to conquer the world with one project” (Badke, 2.6). If we do not narrow our options, we will otherwise end up with a “superficial survey” because we are trying to cover too much. Badke also mentions in Chapter two the concept of the five W’s. (Who?, What?, Where?, When?, and Why?) These five W’s help us understand coherently what the topic is about and gets to the core of what we are researching about. According to Badke, once someone has a “working knowledge”, this can help them break free from bondage. Meaning, once the working knowledge has been established, now you are able to talk about your topic for one minute without repeating yourself. This may seem simple but it is actually a great deal of accomplishment. One can go online to get one’s working knowledge. A working knowledge gives you the basics of a topic. I think that research can get very complicated but at the same time, if you know what you want out of all the information out there and you are positive and very sure about your topic, things can get pretty easy. Once you are sure about your Research topic, you can stick to it and narrow your searches. This is not as simple as it sounds but with some skills, it will be alright. I think that the internet is one of the best options we have but there are also physical books that help us as well. Lets be realistic, a lot of people go to the internet to search for almost anything or google any question. This helps us tremendously but at the same time we need to be aware whether our sources are reliable or not.

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