ePortfolio Workshops

Bree Zuckerman

iTEC is offering workshops for faculty and students this semester, introducing ePortfolios on the OpenLab, built using WordPress software. Discover a simple, effective way to create ePortfolios to showcase students’ best coursework and academic accomplishments.

Workshops for Faculty:
Location: G-606 (ePortfolio lab)

February 2, Thursday: 1pm-2pm
February 8, Wednesday: 12pm-1pm
February 25, Saturday: 1pm-2pm
March 2, Friday: 2pm-3pm
March 21, Wednesday: 5pm-6pm
March 27, Tuesday: 2pm-3pm

To register please email: itec@citytech.cuny.edu

Workshops for Students:
Location: G-606 (ePortfolio lab)

These student workshops are provided for classes where faculty members offer ePortfolios. Students should identify the course and instructor when entering G-606.

February 24, Friday: 11am-12pm
February 29, Wednesday: 11am-12pm
March 9, Friday: 2pm-3pm
March 10, Saturday: 12pm-1pm
March 15, Thursday: 1pm-2pm
March 23, Friday: 5pm-6pm
March 26, Monday: 2pm-3pm
April 5, Thursday: 1pm-2pm

To register please email: itec@citytech.cuny.edu

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