What was the best part of creating your ePortfolio?

Bree Zuckerman
  • Creating my ePortfolio allowed me to display my accomplishments on the web.
  • It was something new to me and I enjoyed the challenge.
  • Writing about my strengths, limitations, and goals.
  • I liked creating web links to my internship. I didn’t realize it was easy.
  • My work can be posted online, so employers can see it.
  • Developing the design, color scheme, and learning about new software.
  • Putting images on my website.
  • Fantastic experience. I will continue to work on my website throughout my time at City Tech.
  • Once it’s finished, I can forward the address to any employer, friend, or person of my choice. Also, I would have a chance to express myself in full and employers can learn more about me!
  • Being creative.
  • It gave me a chance to organize my skills and put them to use in a professional and technical way.
  • People can see my work around the world.
  • Organizing my thoughts.
  • I feel that all students should have the chance to do this.
  • It was a new experience.
  • I realized that I want to continue with my career and I want to go on for my Master’s degree.
  • Feeling a sense of accomplishment when viewing the finished product.
  • The support I received from the professors and the peer tutors.
  • The comfort of the ePortfolio lab–it was quiet and peaceful.
  • The process itself (of creating the portfolio). I’ve never done anything like that before so it was fun.
  • It’s already over, but we are lucky to have access to it in order to update.
  • It offered me an opportunity to gather my thoughts because of the quiet relaxing atmosphere. This experience provided me with a chance to write about my thoughts, experiences and express my talents openly for others to share. It offered me a chance to allow people to see the real me.
  • I enjoyed creating my video.
  • I was able to think about my long term goals.
  • Knowing more about the industry and getting a clear understanding about where I want to be.

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