Prof. Tanya Goetz

Ignacio Soltero

I have been working with ADGA student ePortfolios since the Fall of 2004. Creating an ePortfolio is a required component of GRA1111, Graphic Communications Workshop. Each freshman student develops an online presence, establishing a locus for communication with their professors and their peers outside the classroom. Reflective writing is a key component of the learning process in this first course and the ePortfolio works as an excellent vehicle for students to explain their design process alongside their visual projects. ADGA graduates will seek their futures in an industry where online ePortfolios are now the norm and progressively updating their ePortfolio sites will enable our students to graduate with an ePortfolio that will help them achieve professional success. It is my hope that ADGA students will see their ePortfolio as a record of their journey through the department while providing a space for both teaching and assessment.

Now that the ePortfolios at City Tech are using WordPress, the same software that professional website developers often use, students will have an even better preparation for their future career. Open Lab also offers the opportunity for sections of GRA1111 to connect more with each other and with students outside of our discipline.

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