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ePortfolios on the OpenLab

ePortfolios have moved over the the OpenLab, City Tech’s new open-source, digital platform. Students will use WordPress to build their ePortfolios.

What was the best part of creating your ePortfolio?

Creating my ePortfolio allowed me to display my accomplishments on the web. It was something new to me and I enjoyed the challenge. Writing about my strengths, limitations, and goals. I liked creating web links to my internship. I didn’t … Read More

Dr. Candy Dato

I introduced students in the Professional Nursing Practice course to the use of ePortfolios as professional portfolios in the Fall. This semester all of the students in the course are using ePortfolio. In addition the nursing faculty is beginning to expand the use of ePortfolios as a method of looking at how students meet program outcomes. Read More

Prof. Tanya Goetz

I have been working with ADGA student ePortfolios since the Fall of 2004. Creating an ePortfolio is a required component of GRA1111, Graphic Communications Workshop. Each freshman student develops an online presence, establishing a locus for communication with their professors … Read More

Prof. Satyanand Singh

My honors calculus classes began creating ePortfolios since the spring of 2006. Students are given the opportunity to showcase their work, ponder on future goals, add structure to their way of thinking and prepare them for future careers. The project … Read More