Perspectives in Hospitality Management

I have always been deeply interested in cooking. however, after high school, I wasn’t sure about my future. I moved from the Dominican Republic to New York City and it was a different environment since the beginning and I’ve been trying to figure out what could I do with my life. I was really unsure because I had to learn the language and start all over again. I decide few years ago to register at a community college and I just finished my Associate in Liberal Arts, but still I didn’t know what to do next. subsequently, I started to look up on the Internet a career that I can be passionately for, until I found the perfect match for me. my fantasy role is all about culinary arts from an early age. it reminded me of when I used to help my mom to cook and how great I used to feel so I asked my sister if she knew what was the best college to follow my dream career and she suggested that City Tech Was a great place to start with. Furthermore, I would love to improve my culinary skills. I think this is an exciting career and in order to meet my goals I will have the ability to offer a great food experience to my future customers. Therefore I will never let my aim go away without achieving it.