Sahib, in Curry Hill

The article “Sahib, in Curry Hill, Lets You Eat All Over India” by Pete Wells states that this restaurant has become one of the places that an Indian food fan would definitely love. The environment in the restaurant is calm, and it goes along with the decoration which seems like a “beach rental”, even though not all Indian restaurants have the same designs. Besides, at the comments, people agreed that other Indians restaurants are really different from this one because the food has a better taste and the food found it there is not available in other places.

To begin with, they have two chefs Shiva Natarajan opened one Curry Hill restaurant that paid tribute to Kolkata concentrate in Jewish cuisine, and then he sold it to Hemant Mathur (is both the chef and the owner),   both of them started working on Sahib, their fifth restaurant.

Furthermore, this location has two stars, it’s easy to get there, is not expensive, the servers are cordials, it has many options for vegetarians and meat lovers, however they don’t serve alcohol beverages unless you bring a bottle and the waiter (waitress) would open it for you. In addition, I would like to try in the menu the “fried eggplant”, “potatoes cooked in yogurt seasoned with tamarind, cardamom and Kashmiri chiles”, “the lemon rice with mustard seeds and okra” and the “dal of black lentils with ginger, green chiles and cilantro under the cream and butter”, and for dessert “gulab jamun” warm globes of cheese and milk dripping with a rose-scented syrup. I’d love to try this place.

Perspectives in Hospitality Management

I have always been deeply interested in cooking. however, after high school, I wasn’t sure about my future. I moved from the Dominican Republic to New York City and it was a different environment since the beginning and I’ve been trying to figure out what could I do with my life. I was really unsure because I had to learn the language and start all over again. I decide few years ago to register at a community college and I just finished my Associate in Liberal Arts, but still I didn’t know what to do next. subsequently, I started to look up on the Internet a career that I can be passionately for, until I found the perfect match for me. my fantasy role is all about culinary arts from an early age. it reminded me of when I used to help my mom to cook and how great I used to feel so I asked my sister if she knew what was the best college to follow my dream career and she suggested that City Tech Was a great place to start with. Furthermore, I would love to improve my culinary skills. I think this is an exciting career and in order to meet my goals I will have the ability to offer a great food experience to my future customers. Therefore I will never let my aim go away without achieving it.


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