2 thoughts on “Post your reflections, impressions, photos of Oct. 8 Field Research

  1. Bryant Garcia

    I went on the tour for the Brooklyn Navy Yard in BLDG 92. In my opinion it was a great tour. It was like a time-laps from the past, to present, and the future. The tour showed us how many ships the yard built and what type of ships they were. They also showed the old technology, what they did, and how it worked. Very different from the technology that we use now a days. Now, what seamed very interesting to me were the facilities that are in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Some of these facilities that peaked my interest are IceStones and AIS, in which they reuse materials to make their products. Also BLDG 92 is an energy efficient, self sustainable building. The way the building uses technology to reduce heat in the summer, maintain heat in the winter, reuse rain water, and energy from the sun is incredible. This tour was a pleasant and informative. The way they use technology to help with the environment is a great idea to also do it yourself or even inform others to do so.

  2. Raymond

    Past. Present. Future.
    One of the most interesting findings from my field research of Bldg. 92 Navy Yard was the rebuilding of the old navy machine shop building. This building housed welders, machinists, and other skilled tradesmen that fabricated the components for the building of naval vessels. However, when most of the men went to serve in WW-2 the labor force comprised of female skilled labor.
    Now this building is being rebuilt to become a green manufacturing center that will house incubators for manufacturing technology. Part of this green manufacturing center will be a 3D-printing incubator that will be part of a new emerging component of the economy. Other companies have signed on such as a body armor company that will be supplying our troops with newer and advanced body armor. However I am not sure when this facility will be completed or when these companies will be occupying this new sustainable manufacturing facility.
    This new facility should reshape the community by introducing newer and advanced manufacturing companies that will support higher paying salaries and redevelop the skilled labor force. This rebuilding project can become one of the solutions to our manufacturing problem, by rebuilding buildings into sustainable facilities that will house advanced manufacturing companies that will lead America into the future.
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