Reminder – assigned reading for Wed. Oct.15

Please read the attached article, “Sustainable development and tourism destination management: A case study of the Lillemammer region, Norway,” and come prepared to discuss the questions that follow in class on Oct. 15.Sustainable Development Lillehammer

1. What are some of the benefits (positive impacts) that tourism can provide to communities?

2. What are some of the costs (negative impacts) of tourism?

3. How can the good impacts be maximized and the bad minimized so that the local community benefits more from tourism?

4. How can the local community participate more in tourism development?

1 thought on “Reminder – assigned reading for Wed. Oct.15

  1. Daniel Aleksandrov

    1. The positive impacts of tourism is that it creates infrastructure and a flow of money to the community in the form of investments, as well as it decreased unemployment rates by creating more jobs in the tourism sector of the economy.
    2. The negative impacts of tourism are related to the fact that tourism is a business as all the other industries. It generates wastes due to urge of the local companies to maximize their profit by exploiting natural and other resources.
    3. It can be done through economical-environmental outreach and enforcing global policies that are oriented on environmental sustainability.
    4. The local community may stop dumping wastes and collaborate with the outreach program. It should also be informed that the more it invests into sustainability and reduction of pollution, the more appealing becomes the area what brings more tourists and investment flow.


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