2 thoughts on “Brooklyn Waterfront

  1. Daniel Aleksandrov

    Very interesting, the article is from 2010. Now, I understand why Brooklyn Bridge and Sunset parks are in such high development. Three of these projects, including Red Hook area project, are closely related. I think that it is a really great idea to create a mix of residential, recreational, and industrial areas in the tri-area. Before the development started, these areas did not look very appealing with all of those abandoned docs. Now, the development projects are creating initiatives for tourism and investments flow.

  2. Lin Lin

    It is very interesting concept about how New York City connects tourism, green tech, clean cycling in Brooklyn waterfront. There are some amazing points about how New York City dealing with climate change. I am so impressive about the floating idea. This link has more detail description of the floating habitat idea http://postsandyinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/WaterfrontWorkingGroup_Appendix_20130425.pdf. Basically, floating means the buildings are not built on the firm foundation, but floats on water. The position of a floating structure is permanently fixed in a horizontal direction, while it can flexibly follow vertical variations in water level. I think floating building will be a good way to deal with the sea level raise in many coastal cities around the world.


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