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June 5th, 2020


Hope you are well and are staying safe.

It is June 5th today. I’m not certain how many of your are checking your college related e-mails now. But I received an e-mail from the college administration looking for some students to interview hoping to improve OpenLab. If you participate, you will received a gift card from Amazon.
Please read the copied e-mail below. Please don’t inquire me for more details as I myself have no further info.!



>Subject: Help improve the OpenLab!

I’m writing to recommend you for participation in research to help improve City Tech’s OpenLab website ( You can participate whether or not you’ve ever used the OpenLab.

Student interviews will be conducted by a research company called Logic Department ( to learn more about how you interact with the site. Interviews will last approximately 30 minutes and will take place remotely via Zoom. Participants will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for their time.

If you are interested, please use the link below to fill out a brief survey to find out if you’re able to take part in the interview:

With your help, the OpenLab hopes to make the website better and more usable for everyone. Thank you for your consideration.


May 23rd, 2020

If you missed the selected presentations this past Thursday, you can view it at this link:


May 17th, 2020


Thank you for presenting your project during past two weeks. You worked very hard, and it made it
difficult for the ENT faculty and staff to determine who will be in the selected presentations. But here
is the list of presenters:

Sabrina Ramos
Anthony Rivera
John Colonna
Ixchel Disla
Solangie Falla Crespo
Chris Diaz

Please join the session from 1 pm to 3 pm on Thursday, May 21st online. Some more details will be announced soon.

Thank you,



May 15th, 2020
Congrats & Info. on Selected Presentations

Congratulations to those who were able to present during past two weeks! Many of the presentations from all the four sections were impressive. This makes it difficult for us ENT/MTEC faculty and staff to determine who will be in the selected presentations. Currently, we are in discussion. Due to the time restrictions, there will be probably only three students each from ENT and MTEC programs (totaling six). As explained before, even if you are not part of the selected presentations, you may still receive an excellent grade.

The selected presentations will be from 1 pm to 3 pm on Thursday, May 21st. The zoom info. will be announced early next week if not before. You all are required to attend the session whether you are presenting or not, and we will also invite everyone in the department.


It is time for you to finalize uploading all the required materials on your ePortfolio. Here is the link to the guidelines:

You are welcome to add some extra materials if they are relevant to your project. Your ePortfolio must be finalized by the end of this Sunday. Don’t forget to write your self-reflection on your project/this course! (see the guidelines).


After the selected presentations, there will be a meeting among the faculty and staff to discuss each student’s grade. Your grade will be determined by the entire department.

Thank you.


For the students who are producing short films, this is a reminder that you need to give us faculty and staff to watch your project prior to your presentation:

Two days (48 hours) before your presentation date, you must upload your film online such as on Vimeo or YouTube, and share its link with the full time ENT/MTEC faculty and staff. You must notify them via e-mail. To find the e-mail addresses, these are the links as follows:

full time faculty

full time staff:

You should definitely notify some other video professors such as Prof. Olswang and Prof. Trevino, especially if they are your technical advisors (cc-ed in this e-mail).

You can also e-mail as many adjunct professors you wish:

When you send your e-mail, please write as professionally as possible. This will be a good preparation for you to work in the industry. Pretend that the faculty/staff don’t know you. You must introduce yourself first of all, and then explain the nature of your film and its duration.

Hopefully, before your presentation, everyone will have time to view your film.

During your 10 min. presentation, we usually advise to include about about 30 seconds of a clip from your film (it must be less than a minute).

In addition, you also need to share your video link in your ePortfolio.

Thank you!

6 thoughts on “Announcements SP 2020”

  1. Students,

    Please check the presentation schedule everyday as it has changed slightly, and may still change:

    If your presentation time changes, it is your responsibility to notify your technical advisor accordingly.

    Congratulations to those who presented successfully this week! Next week, you need to keep attending your regular class session to listen to and support your classmates when they present.

    It is also encouraged for you to attend presentations in different sections, not limited to yours only. We always learn from each other.

    Thank you.

  2. To keep working in our course, some of you have expressed some concern, especially among those who were scheduled to work on performances/events at our theater. Please do the followings:

    1. For the theater pieces of this semester, all culmination projects will be theoretical (paper projects).

    2. You must communicate with your technical advisor immediately if you haven’t, and discuss what appropriate approach is in modifying your project.

    3. There is no need to delete what your original plans were, which were already posted on your ePortfolio. Instead, you need to state how you decided to modify your project.

    4. When you complete your project, you must submit all the documents to your technical advisor, and also post them on ePortfolio.

    Most of the other students might need to adjust their projects as well. You must contact your technical advisor immediately to discuss how you modify and complete your project.

    Thank you.

  3. Students,

    It is time that you all upload your approved proposal and signed agreement form in your ePortfolio. You also need to submit a copy of each document to your faculty advisor (the instructor in your section) either via e-mail or hand delivery.

    If you haven’t finalized your proposal, communicate with your technical advisor immediately, and also update your faculty advisor the current status of your project.

    Thank you!

  4. Some announcements, February 5th

    1. Upload & Submit the Agreement Form

    It is time that all of you have the agreement form signed by your technical advisor. You need to submit a copy of the form to your faculty advisor (the instructor who teaches your section). Please make sure to post it on your ePortfolio as well.

    2. ePortfolios
    In our course profile page, all members’s portfolios should be automatically listed in the right column. If yours doesn’t appear, these are likely the reasons:

    – You don’t have a portfolio yet
    – You programmed to hide your portfolio

    Our course profile page:

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