3/15 New Assignment! Listen to Radiolab

This week’s assignment is to listen to any full, hour-long episode of Radiolab, and report back to us in class. Tell us what you learned, and even more importantly, what techniques and production choices you thought were effective in helping to bring the story to life.

Good luck with your projects! Our objective is to have these finished by the end of next week’s class. If you need to do so, please book time in between classes to complete your projects.

We will be presenting these in class once we return from break, as part of our midterm evaluation. There will also be a written quiz as part of that midterm evaluation. Any of the things we’ve covered so far, such as mixers, auxes, busses, film sound terminology or the harmonic series might be on there, so please review! You can find resources for all those topics right here on OpenLab.

The Wikipedia page on the harmonic series might be  agood place to review some of the ideas we’ve discussed today. You’ll want to make sure you understand what the words “fundamental”, “partial” and “overtone” mean. (You can also find some more advanced reading on the subject here if you’d like to stretch your brain a little bit.)

For those who missed class, we watched the following two clips on Harmonic Motion and The Pentatonic Scale.

See you next week! Please arrive ON TIME. We’ll be spending most of the class working on your midterm projects.

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