Final Project Proposal

During my internship last semester (which was basically apprenticing a live visual artist/ VJ) I created lots of clips of videos which were to be looped when played. They were designed to be able to be played to any time of music at any live venue such as a lounge/club/ bar/ restaurant/ gallery space, etc.  These video clips depending on the actual clip, range from 30 seconds to being 10 mins long. I plan on choosing a longer clip and creating a soundscape to it. There are a few clips that my supervisor suggested I submit to festivals but of course they needed sound.

The video clip I think I plan on using is of train footage I shot last Halloween. I plan on creating the soundscape with an abstract approach. The video itself is sort of abstract so the sound should match the look. I might try to create a soundscape that shows what a train ride sounds like to me. I’m going to start fiddling around with sounds and see what fits. Once I see what’s working im going to go in that direction.

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