Project II

Tuesday, May 5th

It was good to see you all in class yesterday. As discussed, you need to describe what you will do for this project, and keep posting detailed comments here as you develop it. You must write informational and meaningful comments for your grade and also for the sake of your production. It is always a good idea or indeed is necessary to take detailed notes to produce a good film during pre-production, production, and also post-production. This project counts 20% towards your course grade.

Sunday, May 10th is the upcoming deadline concerning your online participation here. I call it the pre-production phase. You are welcome to upload your work-in-progress film already.

Then, Sunday, May 18th is the following deadline for describing your production/post-production experience such as whether anything had to change from your original plans, any difficulties, which you faced if any, how you solved them, and what was fulfilling. You also need to upload your finalized film before or one the date.

If you foresee any issues with editing (e.g., no availability of editing software), you need to let me know now. Then, we will think of an alternative.

This project is about your family, or something about yourself. So, I expect that you produce a film that your can be proud of. It should be about 2 – 3 minutes (or up to 5 minutes), which is short, but should be impressive. All the best!

Wednesday, April 29th

As discussed during the last two sessions, the next/last project will be produced by each student individually, not by any group. We happened to talk about everyone’s background/cultural heritage in class two weeks ago. I believe “diversity” is one of the aspects, which makes City Tech unique. As you will be able to produce a film on the theme of your family while you are home, I chose this topic for the project. You can feature your family members, including yourself (or you can focus on one of them), include some photos or video footage of them from the past as supportive materials (NOT main materials), shoot new footage, edit, and produce a 2 – 3 minutes long piece. Please let me know in advance if you can’t edit while you are home.

You can interview your family members(s), but DONT’T include a long interviews as you should have a variety of shots instead of long, talking head interviews. You are welcome to narrate your film your own (voiceover). As it is about your family, the film should be good and intriguing. It could be about their immigration experience, how they grew up, their present life, how you were raised, and any interesting anecdotes. Please honor your family. Even if you are away from your family, you could still produced a story about them, or you can focus on your own life.

If you prefer not to focus on your family, I respect that, too. But you must state what to focus on instead.

On this thread, “Project II,” before the next session, please state what your story will be about, and you can already start filming if you wish. Update the status of your film at least once a week. The commenting in this thread will be part of your project grade. So, no one should come up with ideas at the last minute, and quickly film footage to just meet the deadline. Please plan wisely. Planning is always an important part of filmmaking.

On Monday, May 11th, you should have a work-in-progress film uploaded online and share the link in this thread. We will review it, and exchange some ideas. The deadline of the final version is Monday, May 18th before class. After the final exam, we will watch everyone’s film.

Have fun, and produce a fantastic film!

57 thoughts on “Project II”

  1. I know I’m late but I decided to film my mom about her work and the entertaining side about it to make it not so boring and filmed a bit of her cooking which is one of her hobbies. I didn’t want to make the video too personal.

  2. Production / Post-Production Experience:

    I had some trouble coming up with the actual approach, storyboard/narration I wanted to take since there didn’t really seem to be a specific concrete way to do this project. So, I just came up with basic questions such as where were you born, where are you from and slowly turned them into questions such as when did she arrive in the United States, why did she choose to do so, was it sad leaving her friends behind. Then I just ended with questions regarding to her life nowadays.

    As for the actual storyboard/clips I will just plan to go from like old pictures of her with her friends, family, some stills to describe events from google, then use video clips I capture recently of her doing whatever daily activities she usually does in a day and hope it fits the narrative.

    I guess the real hard part was just coming up with the introduction and ending, but oh well.

    1. Alex, you just posted your comments, and I happened to just read them! It all sounds good, actually. Sometimes the beginning and the end don’t need to be told in a linear fashion. It could start with the present day of your mother cooking for her family. I can imagine a WS of the kitchen, MS of her, CU of what’s inside the pan, CU of her face. From the CU of her own face, your film can begin. Up to this point, you may not even need any narration. We already know that it is about her. We expect to hear her story. Are the interviews all or partially in Chinese? That will be already interesting. How do you end the film? You may cut back to the scene of her cooking possibly, or end with her and her family at dinner table…these are only some of the possibilities. Have fun, and make us cry!!!

      1. I meant to write this: If it is not too much at this point…it is 4 pm on Sunday, it is probably a good idea to have at least a couple of exterior shots of Chinatown, NYC, where you live (WS/LS, CU before going to your residence) .

      2. I ended the film with anything she wanted to say or share, but thank you for the advice as it has guided me to make a similar beginning with her talking without showing the interview footage.

        I asked that she spoke in English to the best of her ability thankfully.

        I guess the only issue now was figuring out what footage to put at a specific part that might not necessary match up in the sense audio is talking about something and the footage is showing something else as filler since I wasn’t able to get anything related to what the audio was saying.

        1. ….I look forward to seeing what you decided to show visually in terms of editing. Sometimes, you don’t have to present what’s expected. If you do it creatively, it can be poetic. We will discuss it in class tomorrow. Please remind me that I wrote this. It is indeed important for filmmaking.

  3. My project is going to be on my mom’s experience immigrating to the United States from Barbados and the cultural differences she had to endure when she arrived.

      1. I found some old photos of my mother in Barbados and here in America. I also have some B-Roll of her going through them. I’ve recorded her sit down interview and now I am editing it.

  4. For this project, i’ve decided on to focus on the impact that learning instruments has had on my life, specifically the drums. I will incorporate clips/photos of myself throughout the years learning and progressing.

  5. Originally, my plan was to talk about myself, my dad, and my mom. I did not get the chance to see my dad. So, therefore, I will be talking a little bit about myself and a little bit about the past as A marine while showcasing some military picture. talk a little bit about my sister and my mom. As for the shooting the shots, It’s all already done. All that left is the Post-production.

    1. AS right now I have a 2-minute clip with no words, with sound. Just pictures of myself and some pictures of when I was in the Marines. then 1 clip showing my mom serving food for my sister. This is just a Draft. For the Final, I will record my voice and also showing a video of myself speaking as if I was being interviewed.

      1. So, you have footage from the past, which is when you are in the marines. Then, you have newly shot footage of your mother and sister, correct? This sounds good. Please show us your work-in-progress film in class tommorrow. OK?

  6. For my project I plan on talking about my parents and their journey to the states and how they’ve changed over time raising me and my siblings while managing a generational and cultural gap.

    1. Good. Fascinating! You verbally told us about your parents’ background. For the record, please write the info. here. You also need to describe what kind of generational and cultural gap there are between your parents and you/your siblings. By writing, you will be preparing for the production in addition to earning your online participation points.

  7. For Project 2 I would like to talk about my first dog and how that experience has been so far. I want to tell the story of when we got him as well as challenges we faced. I can include footage of family members and their views on having a new family member

    1. If the dog that you have currently is your first dog? If so, you can shoot new footage, and it is an interesting approach to tell a story about your family. I remember seeing two clips of your dog from the previous assignments. My recommendation is to shoot more carefully, so that the camera is not shaky. I think you can do it as long as you take some time to practice, and being careful. The clip by the water was better than the other one when you were walking along with the dog. For safety reasons, it is probably the best to film in a park, not when you walk on a street. Watch for the traffic. Safety the top priority always. Then, if you interview your family, make sure that the audio is decent. When you edit, the interview segments shouldn’t be very long. You can use their voices as voiceovers while you should some different footage. Or, you can use your voice for narration mainly. I leave it up to you.

  8. I was thinking about doing a video about the food my family eats, like our culture’s food and what we grew up on. Show how some dishes were made and what it looks like, if it would be considered to be showing my family’s culture.

    1. Yes, food is always a good element to describe one’s culture. Viewers can be intrigued depending on how you present it. Obviously, you need to write about your culture here, and what your plans are. It is necessary to have a written scheme before and during any film production: It helps to have a clear vision of your project. Use this thread for that. It is for your project points, and is also for developing your plans/ideas.

      1. After some consideration, I’m shifting my idea of cooking into a video of my mom talking about how she got to the United States, she’s gonna explain more about her time here in New York and how it was scary at first since she came alone.

        I’ve done the interview of my mom and took videos and I’m going to include a handful of pictures of our family. I think it’ll turn out good, I’m in the process of editing it together and putting in subtitles since my mom spoke in Spanish. It’ll take some time but I’m pretty sure it’ll come out good.

        1. It sounds like it will be a good story to watch in class tomorrow! She came to the USA alone?! It must have been some experience! Concerning adding the subtitles….it is OK even if they are not complete at the time of class, but visually, the film should be ready. Verbally, you can explain to us what the mother is saying. But in a couple of days, all the subtitles should be done, too.

          1. It is more important to study for the final than adding the subtitles all night. If you can do both, that’s good. But if not, just finish editing the picture, and prepare for the final.

  9. For Project 2, I will be focusing on my family. The project will be focusing on the my family’s cultural aspect and the many countries my family originated from

    1. Wow, “many countries”! How much in the past can you go back, or is the family relatively new to the USA such as a couple of generations? It sounds interesting.

  10. For project II, I will be focusing on my mother. I may lean more towards briefly covered her experience of how she arrived in the United States/ the experience that led her to become who she is today/her daily life.

    1. it sounds to me a good idea! I would like to learn about her life as an immigrant. So, please keep posting your thoughts, plans, and backgrounds stories here.

  11. Hmm.. Professor, for project II it will be about me myself and I. I will use pictures and some clips about the topic I mention that time. I might not narrated it but using music and text describing it. The video is about what I like and what I’ve done in my life since I came to U.S until now.

    1. Good. If you prefer to explain things in writing, it will be fine. I assume there will be photos or video of you as a child. I believe you said, you came to the USA when you were a little (or a teenager already?). This will be good.

    1. Great. Please describe your plan in detail. Then, we will know what to expect such as using archival photos, video, their appearance of the current days, your narration (?(, and so on. What will the story be about meaning when you state their upbringing, where did they grow up? As you write, I think your scheme will be very clear. All the best!

    2. I’m going to be doing a mix of interviews, photos, and footage if I can get some. I got an interview with my parents today, so now I just have to look through the photos I have available to me now.

      1. Sounds good. Now, you need to think of how much of their actual voices to use, or use only as sound bites. You can summarize your voice over if you would like. There are many possibilities. Have fun with it. Here in this thread, you could make a list of what they talked about.

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