Project I

Tuesday, April 21st,

Due Time/Date of Project I: 8 AM, Monday, April 27th. Each group must clearly indicate the link of the finished, edited video in the group’s thread.

Based on our class discussion yesterday, I just wrote some comments in each group’s thread.
Group A:
Group B:
Group C:
Group D:

We expect some new great footage and edit before the next session.

Originally, I requested to include some still images, but if you feel that they don’t help your story to flow, you can eliminate them. I still think there is a way to include them, and your film can be good. But I will leave it up to you.

Note: I wrote this in some of the groups’ threads: If not everyone participates adequately in your group, don’t wait for the person to contribute more. You can make some great progress without them. Your project score shouldn’t suffer because of someone else. But, of course, ideally, it will be fantastic to see some intriguing and satisfying collaboration as a group project. So, hopefully, each group will deliver a great team project.

I understand that everyone is experiencing some difficulties in the current situation: however, I have never given this much time in this course for Project I. There have been enough time to work on this project, and so let’s finalize it. I would love to see some great results.

If anyone is having some challenges at home to contribute more in his/her group, the student should contact me personally.

All the best!

Wednesday, April 14th

1. Reminder: Project I is 20% of your course grade as written in our course syllabus!

2. As discussed in class yesterday, you need to continue discussing/preparing your Project I short films on OpenLab. You can definitely start filming before the next session. At the same time, post all the ideas, wha you have discussed with your teammates, and keep developing the content and storylines. Don’t stop because there is no such a thing, “too much of pre-production”.

Your teammates may know what your plans are, but I don’t. The other groups don’t know it, either. So, comment/report in detail what your plans are, and/or what you already have done. Your participation on OpenLab will be a very important part of your project grade. I want you to know this: During past two weeks, no one participated adequately in pre-production of Project I. I expect to see a lot more comments, dialog, and interactions. If your teammates don’t participate, don’t wait for their replies. They will simply suffer with their grades! You, even alone, can keep posting meaningful comments, and then your online participation grade should be good! Your communication outside OpenLab will not count towards your grade as I will not be able to read any of it. I’m writing this based on what I witnessed in this course.

3. Yesterday, Mark, our guest speaker gave us some significant advise: When we film or photograph any images, think of which emotion you are expressing such as joy, sorrow, and so on.

4. These are the project requirements as discussed in class yesterday:
– Shoot new footage, don’t use any already existing footage
– Every student must shoot some footage
– One of the students in each team should edit, but the others need to give some input as well. everyone needs to equally participate.
– I expect each finished film to be 2 – 3 minutes long, but can be longer if it looks good.
– Include still images as well (photographed by every student)
– No music is required, and it is usually better if you can tell your story visually without any music unless featuring a musician is part of the story
– If sound (ambient, sound effect) is necessary, it is fine to use it, but again, the main focus is your visual storytelling
– Match cut, montage, parallel editing are usually suggested when you plan how to connect your footage and images in a project like this
– In the process, upload some unedited footage by everyone in your group’s thread, so that we can examine how you decided to edit (editing out some footage) and connect your original clips (sometimes footage that you thought was useless could be your savior).

5. In our next session on Monday, April 20th, we will examine what you have come up with. You can already submit your preliminary cut (we should be able to see it on OpenLab. You can add YouTube links in your group thread, for example). Then I will be able to make some suggestions for you to complete the project. I will announce the deadline to submit the finalized project.

6. Groups

As of yesterday, four groups were officially formed for this project. There is a new thread for discussion for each group (see below):

Group A: Jason, Sam, Kyiana

Group B: Peter, Kelly, Jay

Group C: Abbie, Rafael, Theo, Kevin

Group D: Sophia, Alex, Edsel, Salina

If you were absent, or left class early, start asking your teammates in your group thread, what was discussed. Don’t wait around. You all need to be pro-active.

Have fun with this project, and remember, this project counts 20% towards your course grade. Thus, take every step of Project I seriously!

All the best!



Thursday, April 9th
Project I will be a group project. That means, you need to think of wisely connecting footage newly shot by different students remotely. Therefore, during the current preparation period, it is important that you continue shooting and uploading a short clip before the next session. As we examine them, we can think of different possibilities such as themes, styles of editing (though editing is usually not major part of this course), and what each person can contribute. No official groups have been formed yet. At this point, I would like to learn what everyone can potentially contribute to this project. This is a thread, where we can brainstorm and exchange some ideas. I look forward to learning about your thoughts here.


Monday, March 30th
I’m still thinking of what Project I should be exactly in our virtual classroom for this hands-on- course. Let’s start with “Project I Prep.” to examine what is appropriate and what is possible. Thought the circumstance is unusual and resources are limited, this is a time that we can be very creative!