Project I Prep. 1 min. Clips

Monday, March 30th
Related to our Assignment #3, which requires to take still photos to describe our current situation (, in preparation for Project I, please shoot a moving image on what you think expresses your lifestyle, which was forced to change recently. Your video needs to be between 30 seconds and 1 minute. It can be one shot, or if you wish, you could shoot some footage, and edit it to within a 1 minute piece.

Please upload your “movie” online. You can choose any platform that you like as long you can easily copy the link in to this thread. For example, YouTube is probably a very common method.

(Deadline: 8 AM, Monday, April 6th)

Thank you, and have fun!

Wednesday, April 8th

It was good to see those video clips, which some of you posted here. Let’c continue with this assignment/journey! Please shoot a minute long video and add the link into this thread as this past week. Whether you have already posted a clip or not, let’s continue with this.

Your participation will be part of the upcoming project grade.

And, remember, as we keep shooting more footage, we will improve our skills, and discover something about ourselves and the surroundings always.

Enjoy it!

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