Project I Prep. Discussion (until April 14th)

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Thursday, April 9th
Project I will be a group project. That means, you need to think of wisely connecting footage newly shot by different students remotely. Therefore, during the current preparation period, it is important that you continue shooting and uploading a short clip before the next session. As we examine them, we can think of different possibilities such as themes, styles of editing (though editing is usually not major part of this course), and what each person can contribute. No official groups have been formed yet. At this point, I would like to learn what everyone can potentially contribute to this project. This is a thread, where we can brainstorm and exchange some ideas. I look forward to learning about your thoughts here.

6 thoughts on “Project I Prep. Discussion (until April 14th)”

  1. So far, me, Peter, and Jay are deciding to have a montage of what we’re doing during this lockdown to keep ourselves distracted from the stuff that has been going on in the world. We would include things that are keeping us happy or just having fun at the moment.

  2. Myself, Kiyana and Sam have figured out what we want to do, we’re just trying to coordinate it. The plan so far is taking Sam’s music and my editing and so on to make a kind of collaborative piece.

  3. I like the idea of showing a new skill or talent that we would be learning during this time. Another idea like Alex said would be a day in the life. Showing how each one of us are handling this new reality and how we are living.

  4. I can film my daily life stuck at home, essential items or recommended items to use in these times, or some empty areas around my neighborhood/ or in chinatown to show how desolate it has become since the pandemic has arrived.

    1. Cool! All of them sound good. As essential items at home can be filmed by many people, in your case, showing Chinatown might be the one that is unique because you know the area well.

      By the way, this applies to everyone: No one should go outside just for our class assignments. If you need to be out anyway, then plan what you can film outside. Thanks.

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